The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28412 October 4 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28412
Clues Answers
Any number seen aboard punt that’s leaning BENT
Arrogant, intoxicated worker appears before news boss high-handed
Bananas excellent served with some tea? CRACKPOT
Bartholomew maybe after beer bottles APOSTLE
Caution in favour of conflict between opponents FOREWARN
Classy furniture one’s got in now bracket fixed CABINETWORK
Clubs swindle that puts extra on bill cover charge
Colossus reportedly becoming tense TIGHTEN
Composer wanting area green for painter el greco
Cuts in central Greece producing blackout ECLIPSE
Dancing bride succeeded causing wreckage DEBRIS
Dread losing initial musical ability EAR
Ecstasy found in room backed dishonest talk about heroin trader MERCHANT
Flask going into bag as far down as possible NETHERMOST
Lord’s ducks perhaps mating animals PAIR
Officer briefly laid on fine blanket GENERIC
Often nurses left parcel out ALLOT
One coming inside stumbles around in shade SPIRIT
Penny leaving Greek battle site for shack lean-to
Ready with article about Indian city PATNA
Reverse a tutor suffers making valuable discovery treasure trove
Runs through — tries to stop Welshman? REHEARSES
Sailor, spiteful sort breaking fall, finds step down ABDICATE
Soup label mysterious writer keeps POTAGE
Supposedly the greatest length trunk road spans? ALI
Survive having to abandon desperate defenders here? last ditch
The Intersection: gripping stuff penned by novelist level crossing
Whirlwind to trouble British sailors sucked in TORNADO

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