The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28414 October 6 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28414
Clues Answers
“’I hope it gets sorted out” — Australia’s premier for republic ETHIOPIA
A current hack shown up in old computers ABACI
A neat player out somewhere on the pitch penalty area
Adapt to having internal trouble, right? TAILOR
An easy way to stop, if moving on soft option
An old copper, thing chucked a great distance AFAR
Artists in London location for colourful event RAINBOW
Barnet manager, heading off to find artistic finisher? AIRBRUSH
British sailor heading west for port city BAKU
Case study number one — beginning of talks between soldiers on both sides RECONNOITRE
Cashier accepts note for modest fare SNACK
Cover for The Listener needing attention, leading to panic EARFLAP
Difficult to reverse into narrow Italian traffic restriction speed limit
Disheartened attendant serves customer USER
Drink pop NIP
Fine whiskey found in barrel back in the day YESTERYEAR
Get into a brawl, initially being pushed around OBTAIN
He’s climbing mountain, conserving oxygen TOM
Hot drink’s knocked over plug PUSH
I go to secure parking after end of journey: I’m delighted! YIPPEE
Muse, on reflection unwilling to supply waterproof material OILCLOTH
New move to eliminate carbon has broad following across the country NATIONWIDE
Open using force, standing underneath FRANK
Pass over channel in aircraft ski-plane
Peak of about one million derelict houses CLIMAX
Pilot a vessel around island otherwise AVIATOR
Rising in boozer, son saying “cheers” bottoms up
Small measure of weight? More, ultimately STONE
Strip of land I’m set to cultivate DISMANTLE
Tax, not very good for arable land LEY
Yes, mistake occurs after pressure to provide proof of earnings PAYSLIP

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