The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28415 October 7 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28415
Clues Answers
Beer taken around a camp LAAGER
Boy who’s fast failing to finish LEN
Brother to present with a bouquet FRAGRANT
Capital but short name for dog CAIRN
Consciously old-fashioned sort of literary fiction? ANTINOVEL
Councillor of state that is doubly close to emperor VIZIER
Current year opening for information bureau AGENCY
Dashing knight mounted horse, holding hawk occasionally RAKISH
Declaration from senator is out of order ASSERTION
Dish needed by the phone CHARGER
Do drudgery for Dickens DEVIL
Fight here to value jewellery prize ring
Fish picked up in this paper RAG
Flying is stunning AWING
Have left speaking; I don’t react ARGON
Heavenly cake decoration left behind ANGELICAL
Joined up and served? Not I SOLDERED
Long ribbons to wind around a legal title TAGLIATELLE
Mean drunk first to be given meal outside tight-fisted
Milk producer breaking bottom off jug EWE
No power to take up in tired arms WEAPONRY
Old coin, one lying in the sun? TANNER
PC, and a different PC with no husband right-on
Poor ruler given better brain supplement thinking cap
Refinement of sister touring a church NUANCE
Scowl from unyielding champion GRIMACE
Several horses, a sort of quartet? STRING
Solution not entirely fully explained LYE
Spit out, then apply tongue round — to adjust this? LIPSTICK
Sublime swindle taking in some: don’t fall into it! grand canyon
This term, alternative to I Kings used royal we
Woman is pleased? Yes, extremely GLADYS

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