The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28456 November 24 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28456
Clues Answers
Air supplier in awfully hot minutes without oxygen TUNESMITH
Almost time to accompany key group working late night shift
Coming over, English cricket team fuel India’s obsession idee fixe
Cool wine locked away in hock
Endlessly long time YEAR
Female dressing, wearing furs? They’re tight SKINFLINTS
Go so far as to cover small animal, with love run to
Group getting possessive pockets grand in racket CLANGOUR
Honourable and gentle, but one’s less than grand? upright piano
I’m leaving high grade university, securing pass ADIEU
Illegally seize something inherited during sleep KIDNAP
It may be fruitful to curse housing thus DAMSON
Lack tact in work, punching dull pain in the neck drop a brick
Little bit of drink with Polish and Gallic meal finger buffet
Men lost on manoeuvres inclined to retire? SOMNOLENT
Moving day in a country house DACHA
One needs cracking finale in epic verse CODE
One single bathroom for e.g. King Edward in Asia ALOO
Pattern of suit jacket from Oxfam that’s sent back MOTIF
Rancour with current politics half vanishing in campaign GALLIPOLI
Ship off clothes tried out where culture’s displayed petri dish
Single, horrid taunt caused pain UNATTACHED
Slip again on horse BISH
Sport, or cheating at it DIVING
Turn end of satire into laconic humour DROLLERY
Vent, perhaps, without revolving glass door french window
Watcher of The Birds, one showing nervousness TWITCHER
What stockholder needs: smooth marketing at first branding iron

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