The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1045 March 12 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1045

Clues Answers
After victory English trader, we hear, goes here for drinks? wine cellar
Beautiful woman in New York taking speed? NYMPH
Building we found in shelter of hill TOWER
Chesspiece that is used by new recruit ROOKIE
Environmental refusal supported by film magazine ECONOMIST
Fight playfully with Pole SPAR
Fish pies seen around South Carolina PISCES
In Perth an esteemed title, once THANE
Inferior old strongholds, small inside of sorts
Jack in Police Department is commended PRAISED
More about origins of that good and generous loan MORTGAGE
More dismal, stop working clutching back? Right DREARIER
Nearly all Medical Officer’s time MOST
Clues Answers
Noble opposed old king initially in secluded place NOOK
Not knowing inn argot, confused IGNORANT
Oonagh went for reform, avoiding alcohol on the wagon
Pressure over spat in part of boat PROW
Purr — it’s over rider’s equipment STIRRUP
Saw ankle moving in ballet swan lake
Sea duty arranged — twenty-four hours TUESDAY
Shot girl receives known the world over GLOBAL
Some trial, a month in siege site ALAMO
Spoils hay at edges, likely to get wet MARSHY
Strange, like one or three ODD
Suitable physical training after first of August APT
Where recluse lives — male in tradition passed down HERMITAGE

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