The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1047 March 14 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1047

Clues Answers
Almost spill over edges LIPS
Appreciative of a small delivery of coal? GRATEFUL
Book Row Z? Don’t be pushy take a back seat
Cat that protects a reptile? TORTOISESHELL
Claimed to hold pounds, scrounged BLAGGED
Complaint that takes one’s breath away ASTHMA
Crack! Pine tree falls back at rear of forest RIFT
Excessive peacekeeping force expected UNDUE
Extremely tricky exercise for model TYPE
Force iron into so long a fabric TAFFETA
Garden tool received initially wrapped in cloth TROWEL
Infected, filled with cold? I don’t believe SCEPTIC
Like son’s cheek — dreadful to be idly hanging around kick ones heels
Clues Answers
Like speaker to be judge of metals ASSAYER
Militant type horribly scared about sport CRUSADER
Natural talent is to blaze up, we hear FLAIR
Not over weight TON
Observe what is captured by daring BEHOLD
Part was effective BIT
Pause, likely to be lost? HESITATE
Sleeping place is rubbish BUNK
Supply with joke at end of programme EQUIP
Tie up female, having a gun FASTEN
Treasure love in difficult surroundings HOARD
Well now, we’ve got enough runs i declare

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