The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1054 March 23 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1054

Clues Answers
A head teacher’s content EACH
Area by railway where air travel the norm? AVIARY
Article we picked up again ANEW
Bother filling bag (groan) AGGRO
Claiming everything, for example, is about spirit ALLEGING
Disregard sign with no start, or end of message IGNORE
Drooled off and on, finding caviar ROE
Fanatic from Zimbabwe’s outside often ZEALOT
German, maybe teetotaller, going in circles OTTO
Harsh description of defective Old Testament? RUTHLESS
Hum as vet reassembles what’s needed must-have
Initially trite and wholly uninteresting, becoming cheap and tacky TAWDRY
Left one in short dress to dance about FROLIC
Clues Answers
Old singer troubled by score endlessly CROSBY
One unsuccessful in different roles LOSER
Plant scientist into bats, surprisingly BOTANIST
Pulse started, heart failing BEAN
Small boy exited finally, giving bow BEND
Small marsupial tailed black bird ROO
Small vehicle making permanent mark SCAR
Stones a couple of bishops breaking the law RUBBLE
Tiny amphibian of mine can be heard MINUTE
Values customer, it seems, in part MERITS
Was threatening, like a drunk the following morning? hung over
We try a shot that’s far from neat WATERY
Whingers unsettled composer GERSHWIN

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