The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1057 March 28 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1057

Clues Answers
A river running down to one American state and another ARKANSAS
Admonish soldiers wanting to demonstrate REPROVE
Anvil maybe, blacksmith’s first one BONE
Bow to convey greeting — backside becomes visible! BEHIND
Company introducing various menus — what will diners do? CONSUME
Cosmetics put together make-up
Descent from treeless upland DOWN
Dissolute men — they get into scrapes RAKES
Expert touch DAB
Female achieved success, collecting arts degree WOMAN
Heading north, salesperson encountered anger TEMPER
Honesty of Rob overwhelmed by compassion PROBITY
Juice the old man’s knocked over SAP
Clues Answers
Kidnap sailor on vessel ABDUCT
Main store could provide this household item steam iron
Miser has to get a foreign article for nothing — what he must do? SCROUNGE
Music not corrected: get the number wrong MISCOUNT
Nimble agent nabbing traitor finally SPRY
Note added on charitable gifts in holy book PSALMS
People in government organising means test STATESMEN
Prohibition — one sent to outhouse is ostracised BANISHED
Record previous evidence of road-user’s inexperience? l-plate
Saw commercial taking a long time ADAGE
Something very hard that’s in a suit DIAMOND
Sound from pig not good — it being this? RUNT
The fellow coming in top is worth little CHEAP

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