The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1058 March 29 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1058

Clues Answers
Air simple kind of shirt covering jeans TELEVISE
Article appearing in Echo after Thursday THE
Bird’s carefree frolic LARK
Bravo for flamenco in East End pit? OLE
Decline eastern bishop twice EBB
Designer is part of circle to beat English court ARCHITECT
Ecstasy widespread after a number arriving at Spanish island TENERIFE
Endless series of steps to get to the next level ESCALATOR
European among bidders wasted chicken feed, perhaps BIRDSEED
General sense that a lot of people studying science end with! GIST
Get bigger Detective Inspector in front of deceased DILATE
Grand, in the style of festive event GALA
Guided holy man from Sodom before heartless end PILOTED
Clues Answers
Iago’s end almost excited worry AGONISE
Ma, create fantastic meal with scones cream tea
Maybe Sam Spade sticks with another tool for gardener GUMSHOE
Perhaps Shakespeare under the weather provides Iago’s motivation? ill will
Refinery melts ore, somehow extracting oxygen SMELTER
Reversing cap, one polite chap is hard-working DILIGENT
Shouts encouragement in board game with centre hidden CHEERS
Simple vehicle cut sharp moves PUSHCART
Supervisor to attract aliens northward STEWARD
Support stage for Journey LEG
Throttle holy man with right point of view STRANGLE
Tory puffed out air in speech BLUE
Vegetative lump partly turned to rise, unsupported LEVITATE

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