The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1059 March 30 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1059

Clues Answers
Beating bridge champion? SPANKING
Boat with less cargo? LIGHTER
Building material — cement, originally, on Greek island CONCRETE
Cocktail in US school prom? HIGHBALL
Communist supporters: revolutionary listens in leninists
Conservative supporter recruiting millions with little fuss CALMLY
Criminal tendency BENT
Feverish and throaty from time to time HOT
Funny performer in company, taking microphone briefly COMIC
Gymnastic feat: offer some fresh water afterwards HANDSPRING
Impressionist painter trimmed long hair MANE
Invitation from business leaders in Middle England COME
Lonely female at dance makes a bloomer WALLFLOWER
Clues Answers
Mates who run riot, to a certain extent SOMEWHAT
More sober Greek holds party GRAVER
Not entirely popular role in part
Old Spanish writer shattered a TV screen CERVANTES
One saying nothing about president’s principal attribute IMPUTE
Part of Birmingham is home for religious sect AMISH
Remnant of undergarment I get shortened VESTIGE
Smell an earthling HUMAN
Stylish forms of transport going into reverse SMART
Tamil uprising — leader goes missing in capital city LIMA
Type of vintage car: commander takes girl aboard CLASSIC
Underground worker wants a large fizzy drink MINERAL
Wood imported into Tashkent ASH

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