The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1062 April 4 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1062

Clues Answers
Assigns new labels to right food additives renumbers
Bear the onset of bankruptcy before downfall BRUIN
Bungling in record time INEPT
Buzz monsieur to go with us for a dip HUMMUS
Champions, excited, wire reps in NZ prizewinners
Completely remove our pot that’s broken UPROOT
Diamonds one found next to church ICE
Fellow crossing street blowing hard GUSTY
He turns up in tie, late BEHIND
Heather Lake’s bra and pants? LINGERIE
I have arrived dead on time? You, one hears, unprepared IMPROMPTU
Insult by English copper journalist grilled BARBECUED
Clues Answers
My amusing exercises here? GYMNASIUM
Old primate, a quiet celebrity on the up APEMAN
Party raising the temperature in Parliament? house-warming
Pay Harris for repairs: I can fix locks HAIRSPRAY
She’s not entirely above the law ETHEL
State of S English county appalling at first IOWA
Stuff son consumed SATE
Sweetheart hypothetically, in part, crude EARTHY
Undid gym pants getting dirty MUDDYING
Unusual thing: good to have this for one’s retirement? NIGHTGOWN
Use a needle having three points? SEW
Yours truly lifted head to carve EMBOSS

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