The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1064 April 6 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1064

Clues Answers
Angled to include home that’s completed FINISHED
Approached artist for something to make a picture with CAMERA
Audibly changed direction in diplomatic understanding TACT
Bag a quick bite to eat, but not beginning to nibble SACK
Conservative pamphlet’s become shorter CONTRACT
Fool’s not left with girl? ASS
Further a London orchestra ALSO
Genius that is returning playing tennis EINSTEIN
Great dislike of a particular interpretation AVERSION
Hanger-on in airborne soldiers’ base? PARASITE
Initially moved a boring plant with long-lived orange flower MARIGOLD
Island nation bans a whisky MALT
Large mass of party rejected number of votes cast DOLLOP
Clues Answers
Like the oceans seal’s swimming around in SALINE
Man in charge around court is frantically active HECTIC
Means of securing unravelling pleats STAPLE
Milk pudding son wants earlier SAGO
Object sailor has to receive TARGET
Paper ties tear badly TREATISE
Partly swollen stye in part of the eye LENS
Show daughter is nearby DISCLOSE
Structural rod is not quite level TIE
Unsatisfactory film development on the side OFFSHOOT
Vagrant’s lost millions in trick TRAP
Whirl round headless toy bear EDDY
Witches struggle in a city COVENTRY

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