The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1073 April 19 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1073

Clues Answers
1960s satellite broadcast to inform celeb TELSTAR
Acceptable means of payment from cricket side — a lender absorbs it finally legal tender
Anvil one’s recycled — from the country SLOVENIAN
Arrange extremely intense troop movement? SORTIE
Bar, a nice base, served up American drink? caribbean sea
Being irritable, deserter, note on Scottish Loch RATTINESS
Brass instrument without a container TUB
Cold atmosphere at new stone mound CAIRN
Cup tie score upset Brussels fan? No EUROSCEPTIC
European vote result — only half rejoice EXULT
Liquid needed for theatre — a clean-up TREACLE
Love Northern Ireland lake NIL
Clues Answers
Male editor’s name for water MED
Manorial cost unfortunately very large ASTRONOMICAL
Office clerk maybe initially fallible is later extremely reliable FILER
Quietly including superfluous material PADDING
Referring to pursuit: selling to customers RETAILING
Regularly tell off mischievous child ELF
Relative in southeast river stroll SAUNTER
Returning writer cut brother’s son? NEPHEW
Some minibar Riesling for Scottish dramatist BARRIE
Such entertainment: motoring! in-car
Very formal at first — neckwear for sentimental guy SOFTIE
Wine at finish in Kentish town GRAVESEND

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