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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1079 April 27 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1079

Clues Answers
Broken bit that’s solid under surface of soil SHARD
Dismiss bank employee CASHIER
Doctor, individual who is 20? DRONE
Fancy new taps that you might want in kitchen STEWPAN
Garden site — it’s abandoned and decays DISINTEGRATES
Get depressed, given long account that reaches no conclusion SAG
Gym group wanting a bit of money, as before PESETA
I go to a sad man in distress? That could be about right good samaritan
Maybe Queen’s printed greeting CARD
New sort of book NOVEL
Note some of those turning up SOH
Ohio commences new subject for students home economics
One of three men in a boat somewhere in the Outer Hebrides HARRIS
Clues Answers
Opening of pub in time for a beer? PINT
Ordinary Seaman crosses a river — boat may need these OARS
Passenger finally entering smart train STRING
Planned performance involving Leo maybe DESIGNED
Position of a new church at back of street STANCE
River essential for Egyptian, I learn NILE
Shoes are awkward where there could be sand SEASHORE
Spy taking time, not losing heart AGENT
Unusually rare twitching, lacking predictability ERRATIC
When disturbed, I can’t — I have to be doing nothing INACTIVE
Work on a product with shimmery colouring OPALINE
Yours truly when terribly rude must be restrained MEASURED