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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1081 May 1 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1081

Clues Answers
Blunder trapping small Irish mammal GIRAFFE
Boasting swell means of travel hot-air balloon
Bottled spirit: that is to follow dope GENIE
Charity event and function left large cloth toy rag doll
Contest between boxers say that’s up in the air? DOGFIGHT
Country clubs in denial, strangely ICELAND
Deposit grand in bank to make powerful economy TIGER
Dicky Hurst made best war film the dam busters
Dries what comes out of this? DISHWATER
Establish the identity of a girl IDA
Girl in middle of lake in raincoat ANORAK
Gong’s lain out for musical event sing-along
Is returning quietly for a short drink SIP
Clues Answers
Odd remnants of Trinacrian headdress TIARA
Old bridge team are in red OWE
Presents in unopened boxes OFFERS
Punch a Cockney’s friend CHINA
Relax restrictions on? Does the opposite, by the sound of it UNFREEZE
Reverberating sound coming from screech owl ECHO
Slur I’d retracted well before fury DISPARAGE
Student is right, first of all, to give address to teacher SIR
Thin disc of iron used in battles WAFER
Turkish city taken in by pilgrim, zigzagging back IZMIR
Victim, as X is, alphabetically PREY
Visa Eve ordered is not forthcoming EVASIVE
Weather forecasters united: not on wintry weather? met office