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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1086 May 8 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1086

Clues Answers
Anger youth displayed about northern part of British Isles IRELAND
Appreciative, having this amount of coal? GRATEFUL
Article on new teen art — it takes in the workers ANTEATER
Bill, finally cast in section of play ACT
Clever chap entering gallery with daughter TALENTED
Cry out in pain, ultimately say a little jaundiced? YELLOWY
English composer’s year in the outskirts of Bradford BYRD
Fellow protégé, extremely low-key and faint-hearted COWARDLY
Festival deceived Arthurian knight GALAHAD
Fugitive originally arrested in part of airport RUNAWAY
Gossip about to strike tabby, say, outside hospital CHITCHAT
Government department’s test on small cars MINISTRY
Inferior work accepted by railway ROPY
Clues Answers
Jogger, one tearing across motorway? REMINDER
Latvian allowed to broadcast on radio LETT
Liliaceous plant in yacht manoeuvring by hotel HYACINTH
Longing, we hear, to be colouring clothes? DYEING
Month preceding border chaos MAYHEM
Mountain-dweller’s greeting to native of Kuala Lumpur? HIMALAYAN
Pair dined with the Spanish church dignitary PRELATE
Part of Sabbath used in this way THUS
Reportedly battled with 1 dn, say, for some days FORTNIGHT
Slip made by Queen introducing Republican ERR
Thrash young farm animal endlessly LAM
Title of Catholic dignitary sixties youth upset DOM
Way animal enclosure shows lack of pretentiousness MODESTY