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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1087 May 9 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1087

Clues Answers
Ankle was broken in a ballet swan lake
Apparatus is correct after eliminating high tension RIG
Approved sellers disposing of five English diamonds ENDORSED
Back diversity and change REARRANGE
Conservative, primarily, so must get working for established behaviours CUSTOMS
Cook using British fuel BOIL
Cyclops, perhaps, captured by two Greeks OGRE
Faced work sitting for a artist OPPOSED
Gingerbread’s on cabbage salad as a rule for workers parkinsons law
Golf’s abandoned winner’s medal that’s long-established OLD
Haywain, say, seen in the foremost of Constable’s paintings? CART
Low-cut trousers — fashionable, small and mostly short HIPSTERS
Lyric poems in more than one style, devoid of metre ODES
Clues Answers
Material used in many longerons NYLON
Metal wire LEAD
Moaned awfully about start of bloating in belly ABDOMEN
Odds? Yes and no EVENS
Really dislike admitting son’s inconsiderate speed HASTE
Riding skill is habit that comes with maturity DRESSAGE
Second group of girls making treacle MOLASSES
Sell a lot of miserable places in most of the Principality WHOLESALE
Snooker ball in plant PINK
Takes away from slippery skidpan KIDNAPS
Thanks for each firelighter TAPER
What some shy writers use, wanting pounds without celebrity pen names