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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1100 May 28 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1100

Clues Answers
A sign of treasure on island in Irish sea? One assumes it is true AXIOM
Aim to finish END
Coarse person, unknown character becoming top APEX
Copied it — made it in different format IMITATED
Cut tax — easy? Not entirely AXE
Demanding old lover on island wanting man EXIGENT
Dishonest competitor caught ahead of race CHEAT
End of line attached to equipment that can fly KITE
Garden — it is made awkward by this slope GRADIENT
Goal slammed into net, in at the very start INTENTION
Hold up one troublemaker needing to meet PM shortly IMPEDE
Irish poetry needing no introduction ERSE
Like the most delicious tea maybe — ice tea Mrs prepared? CREAMIEST

Clues Answers
Maiden, well-favoured, wanting kiss — seductive lady MINX
Maybe fly home with group of believers INSECT
One male leading holy warriors IMPI
Outlaw formerly spotted on French island EXILE
People complaining — some ran off MOANERS
Persuasive types, awfully coarse, cross inside COAXERS
Pointer in last pages of book? INDEX
Political approach offering new maxims about end of war MARXISM
Reclusive types as before, little people EREMITES
Sailor gets with it, drunken chum, rather unreasonable a bit much
Settings in which prisoner is given things to read CONTEXTS
Speaker in the first half is fellow showing charm TALISMAN
Test in English before ten in the morning EXAM