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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1107 June 6 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic

Clues Answers
A little resistance from old queen OHM
Anger and fury about dreadful trait IRRITATE
Ardently desires to hug American gents in underpants long johns
Ball transported by conveyor belt ORB
Band formed by priest after Reformation STRIPE
Bird with rook and duck on waste container ROBIN
Cook can gamble, bringing in new dessert BLANCMANGE
Demand or be condescending in speech ORDAIN
During the time that learner gets into card game WHILST
Fundamental crack lets in sea ESSENTIAL
I recalled height on half frozen peak ZENITH
Is able to seal in tin CAN

Clues Answers
Make a note of eating in informal establishment JOINT
Married in Polish before a dance RUMBA
Meat embargo restricting company BACON
Monster in mythical tale by French author: cheesy fare GORGONZOLA
Natural rearrangement of 5 November INBORN
People turning up two hours before midnight to boogie ATTENDANCE
Preparation of pavement art? GROUNDWORK
Regularly we climb tree ELM
Some money is secure, protected by curse BANKNOTE
Something seen in our beds, developing? ROSEBUD
Squeal of excitement’s uttered for jolly idea WHEEZE
Those most close to me are in family home? NEAREST