The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1109 June 8 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1109

Clues Answers
…less important car? Nod ‘yes’ sadly SECONDARY
After tips from Welsh, devour farm product WHEAT
Become angry, stare, when nothing’s brought in go ape
Clergyman in park on hill RECTOR
Competitor — one in luxury car.. RACER
Contents of farm vegetable store ARCHIVE
Digger’s card SPADE
Fabric salesman introduced to church CREPE
Famous stage close by a railway LEGENDARY
Finally lose black bishop, fall away EBB
Gig — doing ten? Shan’t unfortunately one-night stand
Group of soldiers in region changing direction at first LEGION

Clues Answers
He’s done wrong misrepresenting strangers? So right TRANSGRESSOR
I’d invested in wager — cleaned out here? BIDET
Insult awfully pleasant chief slap in the face
Leaders of strong parties, if necessary, exhibit backbone SPINE
Like two originally trying high jump, say EVENT
Manage port, given time to grow profusely run riot
Old Greek box, brown SPARTAN
Out of date leading article I initially cut ARCHAIC
Sergeant major hears about outstanding person SMASHER
Swimsuit container popular on island TANKINI
Unwanted strikers are put on this? transfer list
Work with needles, thus, it’s reported SEW

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