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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1121 June 26 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1121

Clues Answers
A politician’s device for increasing volume of sound AMP
Audibly expresses disapproval of alcoholic drink BOOZE
Beliefs communist revealed in company CREDO
Boatman’s strange idol, one who’s died outside GONDOLIER
Bug fixed by scoundrel in US intelligence CICADA
Dance — function taking place south of Latvian capital RIGADOON
Exhausted judge, dead jiggered JADED
Father to come up holding poster for ideal location PARADISE
Female quartet welcomed by approving cry in Madrid OLIVE
Gloomy Republican with old wide-brimmed hat SOMBRERO
He joins newspaper club to bask on the beach SUNBATHE
Hot nutty bread left out STOLEN
Inappropriate container for this old white wine! SACK
Clues Answers
Lacking melody? Close! AIRLESS
Large deer identified by the Spanish king ELK
Late crone unexpectedly showing broad-mindedness TOLERANCE
Monster discovered in bog recently OGRE
On balance, railway books may be found here LIBRARY
Out of bed, the worse for wear and tense UPTIGHT
Run Cambridgeshire city bank RELY
Slim girls finally employed by bank, perhaps SLENDER
Standard new exam plugged by head of maths NORMAL
Trendy exploit? Absolutely INDEED
Way to rotate and walk unhurriedly STROLL
Yank: you’d call him Wally? JERK
Zoo employee who’s between posts? KEEPER