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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1136 July 17 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1136

Clues Answers
A cart man manoeuvres around a boat CATAMARAN
Atmosphere in fiesta I relished AIR
Author, disheartened Scot — odds on! STEVENSON
Bird out at sea has ability TOUCAN
Bird, for example, ends in another nice nest EGRET
Cutter catching first of twenty fish STURGEON
Declaration for name, perhaps, to stick PRONOUNCEMENT
Desperate once to catch Australian opener, one caught in the deep OCEANIC
Dodgy moment when leader dismissed IFFY
English friend entertaining Irish in Muslim state EMIRATE
Fair and easy LIGHT
Fairy used wings briefly to rise ELF
Father and daughter getting promotion DAD
Clues Answers
Idiot having to exercise? DOPE
Imply, no fire INFERNO
Joy is about to sleep on this FUTON
Knotty problem knotting ropes! POSER
Loose trousers angered us when badly made DUNGAREES
March, when bird appearing on stage GOOSESTEP
News hardest to broadcast, pleasingly brief short and sweet
Sea god put off entering river NEPTUNE
Shrill sound having got money back YAP
Sloppy kiss, then bound for location in Chamonix? ski slope
Small vessels, those carrying waste SEWERS
Solid shape, proper round sphere, primarily PRISM
Star to fix in the sky? pin-up