The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1144 July 27 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1144

Clues Answers
A bad actor with Oscar from South American city OMAHA
A few deliveries arrived, crushed OVERCAME
Appearance in county’s principal city CAIRO
Be punished, with mistake in record of earnings PAYSLIP
Being out to lunch isn’t any stranger after one INSANITY
Carol, crossing Scottish river, is going nowhere STAYING
Copy, to appreciate, resembling our close relatives? APELIKE
Fanatic going after primate’s bit of food monkey nut
Greek feature partially fills up my loft when returned OLYMPUS
Journalist with Japanese money returned in carriage HACKNEY
Motorist association swindle taking in old forest dweller RACCOON
Muriel, maybe, with advert for engine part spark plug
Object when nothing put in glass of beer? POINT
Clues Answers
One — a halfwit — regularly seen in services canteen NAAFI
Panorama is a TV broadcast VISTA
Polite figures from Ancient Rome CIVIL
Portion of salary earned for a time YEAR
Run past, wild and free? UNSTRAP
Silver ring found on pine in the distant past long ago
Society concerned with G & S arias? SONGS
Some cop, corrupt, is set up COMPOSE
Soon member of clergy’s heading off ANON
Trace small American coin SCENT
Unstylish prop, dreadfully hard to find? in short supply
Vain person in a heap after PE PEACOCK

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