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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1146 July 31 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1146

Clues Answers
Celia could become Carroll’s girl ALICE
Change church feature, by sound of it ALTER
Curse about extremely threadbare pullover SWEATER
Dagger that is lethal first of all used in set-to STILETTO
Economise in relation to First World War feature? RETRENCH
Get it? Aim must be revised to become less harsh MITIGATE
Grateful response meeting navy in lake TARN
Has to be accommodated in gym for spell PHASE
Have good word for quiet lift PRAISE
Hour inside where money is kept that’s exciting THRILL
Initially missed out some French female’s wine MOSELLE
Men report chap relaxed, becoming friendly again RAPPROCHEMENT
Nice track, spin around at ease? Far from it! panic-stricken
Clues Answers
Oddly sloppy, making concession SOP
Postscript about American pet? PUSS
Pressure after barrier is wet DAMP
Recalled some tricot in Kiev and how to make it? KNIT
Settle a king on mountain chain ARRANGE
Singular desire to be smart SWISH
Smoked beef in repast RA missed PASTRAMI
Starts to sketch the elderly Texan relative’s hat STETSON
Thatcher, maybe, one entering proper English church prime minister
Three points, novel NEW
Understands a wife will show something to amuse kids SEESAW
Withdraw from southeast fancied player, we hear SECEDE