The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1154 August 10 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1154

Clues Answers
A number appearing in the middle of corn-exchange NINETY
A remedy for upsetting expression of dismay deary me
Aircraft quietly landing on narrow road PLANE
Beyond one’s understanding where one’s hat might be! above ones head
Bright and energetic, says he’s afraid, strangely fresh as a daisy
Chasing some latest style? Sort of after a fashion
Clipped, as shirtsleeves often are? CUFFED
Cruel people with unhappy lives crossing street SADISTS
Dog found by daughter in south coast resort POODLE
Girl’s ‘orrible experience in New York NELLY
Glee? It’s unusual for this writer ELEGIST
Great emotion to overtake one performing? PASSION
Clues Answers
Inevitably, but never at the appointed time? sooner or later
Joint, hot, served by Scandinavian girl HINGE
Lack of warmth in retiring old British people ICENI
Like a wedding cake set before husband, finally LAYERED
Lots of exaggerated praise often going with pants? PUFFS
NB: everyone is following very good game PINBALL
Population count in North and South America by church CENSUS
Rugby union back in top that’s garish LURID
Some boats easily might be this at sea
University fellow had, on reflection, to sound indecisive um and ah
Was hesitant, displaying sporting trophy ASHES
What’s paid to send things after time? POSTAGE

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