The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1160 August 20 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1160

Clues Answers
Accommodation that is for camp-anologists? bell tent
Boy or girl’s name turning up in lists, illegible ELLIS
Caviar that’s rank, we’re told ROE
Comes over on time, most annoyed CROSSEST
Coming to a boy perhaps in a part of prison building? AWAKENING
Director initially phases in new academic posts deanships
Each navy’s merits EARNS
Eastern rulers unaltered by move to west SHAHS
Facility, initially lamentable, that artist uses EASEL
Fellow at hotel is former PM HEATH
Female bobcat: her inelegance shows CATHERINE
Flighty singer with the short career THRUSH
Free lager? Ta awfully! at large
Clues Answers
Good fellow offers to recruit for English county STAFFORDSHIRE
Kid’s charity event RAG
Little daughter pursuing volunteers TAD
Mark for good spelling, chemistry and reading: first in each SCAR
Menuhin, happy at last, his daughter regularly returning YEHUDI
Note that conveys annoyance DOH
Poor internet media of uncertain value INDETERMINATE
Sent for and told what to do ORDERED
Settee hid unusual list of things to eat diet sheet
Stony-faced chap? CLIFF
Trivial stuff editor made a mess of FLUFFED
Urges former host briefly to accept empty river-boat EXHORTS
Wall that’s sunk for a bit of a laugh? HA-HA

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