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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1161 August 21 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1161
Clues Answers
A charming sort of accent ACUTE
Agreed new date to secure head’s return ASSENTED
Amenable Conservative, one dipping into government handout DOCILE
Believer loses head in robbery HEIST
Boredom of Greek character in eastern part of UK ENNUI
Bury wife missing start of season INTER
Currently going round house? Absolutely not! NOHOW
Destructive wave in N Uist swirling round before noon TSUNAMI
Excessively sentimental wife protected by golfer’s support TWEE
French city grandee finally thrown in jail CAEN
Get rid of outhouse SHED
Hit big wave, producing scab? STRIKEBREAKER
I get so mad at first, developing extreme self-love EGOTISM
Large antelope’s death outside US city ELAND
Left assistant copyist to apply in excess of availability? OVERSUBSCRIBE
Letter from a church covering appeal AITCH
Long to enter man’s cooking area KITCHEN
Make box to accommodate drug CREATE
Noisy bird __ sort of spaniel as well, some say COCKATOO
Pirate’s earthy manner in speech CORSAIR
Proper time for a piece of music DUET
Resistance of Parisian husband-to-be DEFIANCE
Snatch young farm animal, then have forty winks KIDNAP
US politician returned a seldom-found sweetener DEMERARA
Wading bird, for example, to soak EGRET
Ways to conceal old quality arousing pity PATHOS