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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1162 August 22 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1162
Clues Answers
Bag perfect to hold shilling PURSE
Child I locked in shed BAIRN
Does he take a couple of books in religious class? RABBI
Estuary commonly brown UMBER
Girl horrid about brother? Possible to be separated DIVISIBLE
Hardy: the word one associates with this tree LAUREL
Heritage organisation that has everyone’s confidence? national trust
In refitted house, angelic piece of furniture chaise longue
In two places? Sporadically here and there
Insect repelled girl, one feels ANTENNA
Interior of Roman villa that goes under the hammer ANVIL
Mistake to give away pounds for small drink SIP
Offer I had received to be head of the board PRESIDENT
Purple and gold mountain in east AUBERGINE
Relax and tell a story LIE
Reproduction of ‘Magpie sitting’ is exact copy spitting image
Rescue first piece of valuable silver put into auction SALVAGE
Round area lug a measure of gold CARAT
Sailor is in mountain lake briefly TAR
Separate name for river SEVERN
Sort of surgery not found in town centre? BYPASS
Story about baron meeting king for tricky task tall order
Tending to reproduce a libel LIABLE
While speaking, bring in vase URN