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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1168 August 30 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1168
Clues Answers
Attempt to protect old politician TORY
Black fur SABLE
Breakfast food, much esteemed, light, leading couples used MUESLI
Device for fastening paper, basic? Right STAPLER
Fruit Twist left unfinished OLIVE
Fuss describing list to-do
Girl from Tenerife turned up IRENE
Goods stolen from manipulated person after revolution LOOT
Have leading role to execute BEHEAD
Isle I’d learn about IRELAND
Mark in German due, oddly selected GRADE
Most imprecise, loses time, digesting nothing LOOSEST
Musical term from southeast, good, usable __ extremely SEGUE
Musicians getting round resistance revealing trade name BRAND
Note I’d backed with some hesitation brings boredom TEDIUM
Part of the leg is theme for poet ELEGIST
Postpone introducing objective for back four player? DEFENDER
Regional power’s time apt no more, broken up ottoman empire
Relative from South is initially thorough, extremely rigorous SISTER
Scottish river’s 150 years editor recalled CLYDE
She is out travelling __ mind her property? house-sit
Shopper at first undecided, peers around, finding retail therapy? spending spree
Sounds like couple’s type of fruit tree PEAR
Test entered by the French chartered accountant __ something to watch TELECAST
Weary about teetotaller, English __ laughed TITTERED
Writing up moor? Yes, primarily spacious ROOMY