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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1178 September 13 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1178
Clues Answers
Assumed visitor is to be announced GUESSED
Attract tourists, principally, in eastern Mediterranean resort ENTICE
Bride and I distracted, watching this on camera? BIRDIE
Canadian adolescent in dining room CANTEEN
Course advisor organised trips covering half term TIPSTER
Description of mum, dad, nan and sis, in a word PALINDROMIC
Did more work as artist’s model and took a break REPOSED
Disturbance in Cajun restaurant UNREST
Eject all those in attendance TURNOUT
Father joins retired teacher in European capital PARIS
Healthy food rejected for the most part, unfortunately ALAS
Inclination to write song PENCHANT
Interns must supply scalpels perhaps INSTRUMENTS
Leader of Salvation Army gutted, for instance SAY
Leave city of London area beset by ‘rising’ problem? DECAMP
Money expert in more stylish clothing FINANCIER
Mongrel’s successful treatment after losing tail CUR
Overly masculine Scottish fellow with small house MACHO
Remembering the vocation of a teacher of religion? RECALLING
Scuffle, with fifty missing trip by plane FIGHT
Sun lounger on front of cruise ship RECLINER
Taste less than half of small citrus fruit TANG
Transport vehicle on railway CARRY
Trio taken short in country road, finding toilet LATRINE
Two businesses introducing a drink COCOA
Youngster getting into humorous programmes SPROG