The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1187 September 26 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1187
Clues Answers
Almost stop before going in to get sound unit STEREO
Athlete losing head in New York convent NUNNERY
Bird of prey’s plaintive cry mentioned in Albert Square? OWL
Chicken, possibly, served in can? BIRD
Choosing the best person for harvesting fruit? cherry-picking
Drunk crossing Channel Islands? It’s legal LICIT
Employees in exchanges, or in certain theatres? OPERATORS
Err, but remain outside right STRAY
Female army chaplain, perhaps? SERVICEWOMAN
Flag horribly at first, like Oscar Wilde? IRISH
Go off at a tangent about son in lodgings DIGRESS
He abandons the Russian currency, creating difficulty TROUBLE
In break, shout greeting in our direction HIATUS
In Montmartre, a clear, sticky substance TREACLE
Light eater primarily tucking into cured meat BEACON
Lucky creature heading off for racecourse ASCOT
Mountaineer supporting party __ an uppish type? social climber
Planner’s course of action Italian painter talked of TACTICIAN
Pot being knocked over, family finds clothing protector NAPKIN
Provide funding for track skirting quarters SPONSOR
Shade regularly displayed in house HUE
Skilled worker’s twin primarily lives in 18 islands ARTISAN
Swede possibly travelling in Canada is extremely vain SCANDINAVIAN
Woman’s tedious routine held up by husband RUTH

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