The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1189 September 28 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1189
Clues Answers
A quiet wood ASH
A tranquil ref gets rattled in cup match QUARTERFINAL
Bad person turning crazy in Dutch city ROTTERDAM
Bird caged by our headmaster RHEA
Character at end, after party, had a kip DOZED
Claim by trader to be perfect IDEAL
Confused state means rest will be disturbed mares nest
Electronic publication set up for football maybe GAME
Engineers in, supporting church buttress REINFORCE
European getting you upset, a failure TURKEY
Female prisoner backsliding GAL
Fool making girl lose her head ASS
Friend coming to cathedral city in half-hearted fashion PALELY
Girl dancing with a brat in place noted for rock GIBRALTAR
Girl in mist going over lake HAZEL
Inexperienced member of political party GREEN
Malign notice interrupts attempt to stop war TRADUCE
Old boy going up unpleasant part of city? BOROUGH
Opening article penned by doctor GAP
Paris’s first person on street to make a joke JEST
Performances deemed very good? I came seventh, surprisingly Achievements
Plod randomly round Austria’s capital with good person in attendance LAPDOG
Protester when head of state appears at end of month MARCHER
Right famous detective novelist! DEXTER
See hunt going out and sound keen! ENTHUSE
When Christians celebrate Pentecost a bit WHIT

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