The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1192 October 3 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1192
Clues Answers
A meeting place in wide street AVENUE
A sign in desert perhaps showing name of Central Asian city SAMARKAND
Battle where protagonists bolster each other? pillow fight
Chum is all you need to make this entertainment music hall
Correct me when returning before the finish EMEND
Could sir initially undertake manoeuvres? That’s daft! LUDICROUS
Diver to employ in round pool, ultimately OUSEL
Film of Kojak, maybe, with people the omen
Freelance photographer very quietly penning article PAP
Get a letter read out SEE
Gets together some charcuterie for picking up? MEETS
Girl, briefly, is going to mother WILMA
Husband to display code number that’s used for locks HAIRPIN
I agree to attend old comedy show yes minister
I can heed PLP after reshuffling old cabinet? CHIPPENDALE
Lennie’s pose affected while resting? in ones sleep
Local resident of Tampere, maybe, loudly dismissed INN
Lunatic getting post with teaching union NUTJOB
Man, say, following a passage AISLE
Plans I had when touring the east IDEAS
Seamen not normally crossing south, as a whole en masse
Someone who dwells above bank in the city LIVERPOOL
Taking part in decathlon, GIs habitually rather stretched LONGISH

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