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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1196 October 9 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1196
Clues Answers
Advance without companions, reportedly LOAN
Baffle mixed-up characters in bridewell, almost BEWILDER
Canned beer originally taken before game BLOTTO
Characters in train following news INFO
Deer found when guns are brought back STAG
Eg butterfly, caught in small picture INSECT
Embrace European of substantial size HUGE
Equality initially introduced in political organisation PARITY
Exercises cunning about key source of fruit pear-tree
First of readers liable to be absorbed RAPT
Forbidden drink, we hear, for a non-member OUTSIDER
Heavenly body trade union leader finally observed in sickbay SATURN
It’s somehow loaded into lorry pleasingly arranged ARTISTIC
Leave out books about Military Intelligence OMIT
Libertine reluctant to go over a Brazilian port LOTHARIO
Lounge about with father, eating one’s boiled sweet LOLLIPOP
Mournful bloke holding up map PLANGENT
Part of circle formed by a church member ARC
Plot chapter on church feature CONSPIRE
Poem, the first turned out in Irish Gaelic ERSE
Priest’s bell, hit regularly ELI
Recall soldier enlisted in Royal Engineers? REMEMBER
Sharp nail found in equestrian equipment TACK
Tried hard to get last of dinner in oven STROVE
Very large area of London, by the sound of it WHOPPING
Water heater chap talked of GEYSER