The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1204 October 19 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1204
Clues Answers
’Alt proceeding in court? Charming! ENDEARING
A bit of Portugal rarely seen these days ESCUDO
Am leaving the States to find her? ERICA
An influential person, Bertha? big gun
Arab perhaps on the radio, sounding rough HOARSE
Awfully ugly person hugging daughter: that’s very sweet golden syrup
Desperate Dan’s out to shock ASTOUND
Dishonourably discharge bank employee CASHIER
Drawing most of snare back ART
Fat slob disturbed by loud rocket launch BLASTOFF
Feature of banknote: one stolen from attendant, note WATERMARK
Girl returning in May, victorious IVY
Glen, upset, modified his language ENGLISH
In the morning I leave to see friend AMIGO
Kid in Crosby engaged in corrupt practice BRIBING
MD upset, somehow finding a way out? STUMPED
Nausea that comes in waves? SEASICKNESS
Old German museum, large VANDAL
Reg rolling in in good time for tea earl grey
Small jumper from Australia? Wow, certainly big enough! ROOMY
Something that spins: a child’s toy, timeless EDDY
Special equipment for small branch SPRIG
The minority or the majority, indeed! not half
Threatening utterance to become pitiful in the end GROWL
Used to be — note — rubbish WASTE
Wader in boots is struggling initially IBIS

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