The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1214 November 2 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1214
Clues Answers
A mature eccentric, doing it for love? AMATEUR
Abscond from city in moist air DECAMP
Again considered to be recovered REDEEMED
Aquatic bird’s back, not head TERN
Bird, poor flier — deaf FIELDFARE
Call up woman to receive approval EVOKE
Caught by part of chain in prison CLINK
Cover up mother’s knee at first MASK
Criticise a sailor’s course in sound ATTACK
Daisy is first to kiss star ASTERISK
Distasteful ruling about turning up REPUGNANT
Earn a hug, changing angry speech HARANGUE
Heartfelt request to abolish parking in meadow LEA
I see doctor: obvious I must be admitted PATIENT
Implement return of robbery proceeds TOOL
Like illegal broadcaster to pronounce his aitches ASPIRATE
Part of body regularly stroked TOE
Perhaps baron’s biography: look closely life peer
Sad as some music is cut short BLUE
Suddenly run right into chest BURST
Surrealist friend conceals tough character MAGRITTE
Tailless hatchling is elegant CHIC
Time to regret being honest TRUE
Valuable prisoner putting label in socks HOSTAGE
Volunteers to hold up a gold vessel AORTA
Warship offering free curries CRUISER

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