The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1222 November 14 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1222
Clues Answers
Bishop appears topless in link RELATE
Bug, furious, keeps slowing down IRRITATE
Concern, in Bury, set for redevelopment INTEREST
East African 17 on the move ERITREAN
Frenchman about in dull vegetation GREENERY
Islands against return to trade ANTILLES
Love god, cockney hero, succeeds ultimately EROS
Native American horse stopping quickly APACHE
Northern beer served up in energy and style ELAN
Pair ending up with one letter from abroad PHI
Pinter, strangely, to accept one’s original PRISTINE
Please __ that’s to be cooked as kipper! ASLEEP
Poet read novel and worked OPERATED
Postpone visit STAY
Response from congregation almost put right AMEN
Routine when male animals do it? RUT
Search around, I hesitate to say, in worry FERRET
Someone who keeps long-time servant RETAINER
Stalin’s ultimatum contains abuse INSULT
Starts on the straight approach __ right for leader TSAR
Stick close to concierge in block BEAR
Swimmer in ocean and lake SEAL
Tea refreshed when taken with fine cheese FETA
Trader planned to keep Roman Catholic happy at first MERCHANT
Verbal attack from small girl with a large family DIATRIBE
Writer, alternatively, with supply of ink? ORWELL

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