The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1223 November 15 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1223
Clues Answers
Al came up seething: my fault mea culpa
Annoy posh chap quaffing last drops of champagne and wine tee off
Celebrator of haggis goes up in flames BURNS
Complete Charlie chucked off boat UTTER
Die? It’s what all frogs do CROAK
Forces entry: banker is disturbed breaks in
Get priest ready for Liverpool or Derby? prime minister
Hide, being almost completely broke SKIN
Inch perfect? Just the opposite INEXACT
LA heavies spotted in the Lakes? LAGOONS
Lots of fluffy dogs without a lead OODLES
Millicent re-emerges holding starter ENTREE
Navy, one doing badly INDIGO
Old church overlooking an expanse of water OCEAN
Opera star keen to make a comeback DIVA
Pet duck found in Ministry of Defence MOOD
Picture of pilgrimage half obscured IMAGE
Poisoner caught by snare I set in motion ARSENIC
Queen comes a cropper, sight the tourists flock to see victoria falls
Reportedly supervises abroad OVERSEAS
Sally grabs bishop, foaming at the mouth RABID
Son hits a drunk? Wow! ASTONISH
Start working in Hollywood? ONSET
Try, after husband leaves home, to be serious EARNEST
US prosecutor entertaining a “companion” in country house DACHA
Very, very big upset, or just middling? so-so

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