The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1226 November 20 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1226
Clues Answers
Artist and politician, very old, went wild RAMPAGED
Bishop eaten by a wild animal in England once? ALBION
Bore keen to get a hearing EAGRE
Dance has idiot going the wrong way PAS
Female, pallid, keeping order WOMAN
Gives up within distance, despairingly CEDES
Go away, having lost blood, confused SCRAMBLED
Imagine noise made by 4C FORESEE
Leave bank in a more disorganised state SCATTIER
Like individual absorbing one disparaging remark ASPERSION
Mischief-makers and saints outside military establishment SCAMPS
Money once made in this country GUINEA
One that’s been stuck in the sorting office maybe postage stamp
Poor actor in the home counties brings disgrace SHAME
Prior anxious to produce something grammatical past tense
Revolutionary arts graduate, dishonourable type MARAT
Rise and fall of a group of thieves perhaps caught invading church CADENCE
Romeo led astray __ lad originally one admired role model
Sauce from naughty poets PESTO
The German revolutionary __ or any revolutionary RED
This feeble condition would do for all but whelp’s head HELPLESSNESS
Uncle Rod’s terrible cad SCOUNDREL
US city supporting couple __ right that, not half! Fort Worth
We can’t wait for turn being performed roll-on

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