The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1228 November 22 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1228
Clues Answers
Big wave, a wearisome thing BORE
Charge for crossing river? It’s gratis FREE
Crustacean loose in KGB car king crab
Deficiency in eg Cooper’s list of terms? GLOSSARY
Exile left canoe finally in river DEPORTEE
Feel remorse, being shut up again? REPENT
Freely land gear that’s increased in size ENLARGED
Fuel __ the German variety, originally DERV
Getting moving and causing trouble STIRRING
Grand shelter giving rise to delight GLEE
Heroic narrative linking South America and Georgia SAGA
Infuriating, like a leftist paper on the farm? red rag to a bull
Meet first of campers on side of road CONVERGE
Prison accommodating large family CLAN
Putting up with condition for bank arrangement standing order
Sacred image __ basic one, to some extent ICON
Short man astride a horse ROAN
Skin condition in London area, might Cockneys say? ACNE
Stealthily pursue long-legged wader in sound STALK
Went ballistic about girls initially being teased RAGGED
Wisdom, possibly, securing quarters for Viking NORSEMAN
Wise men primarily involved with periodical MAGI
Woman in US city, one looking after children NANNY
Woollen material and money found by lake CASHMERE

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