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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1238 December 6 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1238
Clues Answers
A ballad gripping wife and son on every occasion ALWAYS
A French university in part of London? That’s not welcome UNPOPULAR
Animal minder browbeat a woman’s daughter COWHERD
Bill cricketer picked up TAB
Bird identified by sinful gent originally in Humberside port herring gull
Call British prime minister going west BLEEP
Company doctor’s crest COMB
Court with old office at the front WOO
Diamonds used in specific earrings ICE
Distant agricultural area? 75% of it FAR
Fairish new role accepted by board TOLERABLE
Farewell from a girl attached to Brussels? ADIEU
Girl, one tailing bird in meadow LETITIA
Goods appeal regularly __ it’s absolutely true, they say GOSPEL
Mostly courteous hanger-on initially obeying Communist executive POLITBURO
Novelty we set up in northern loch NEWNESS
Oarsman involved in argument? ROWER
Pensioner carries it over paved area by house PATIO
Publicise young woman’s narrow escape in flight air miss
Repository for damaged harp and capes? SCRAPHEAP
Skives in casual wear SLACKS
Spectacular number displays formal headgear show-stopper
Thin coil finally used in transmitter SLENDER
Way sweetheart goes about showing integrity HONESTY
Young creature over in Cornish river FOAL
Youth leader ahead of time every twelve months YEARLY