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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1246 December 18 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1246
Clues Answers
A sad teen wandering round university, sickened NAUSEATED
Article sibling briefly used for dissertation THESIS
Belonging to those people in that place, we hear THEIR
Cockney’s mate in Dresden, for example? CHINA
Container for wine? SACK
Container in which egg is sent back TIN
Experienced a French river UNDERWENT
Finance head of French and German FUND
Forebear perturbed at first about audible swearer PRECURSOR
Guidance engineers are given in clarity of speech DIRECTION
Long to be presented in court __ it’s the prestige! CACHET
Mine sounds like one of two prime ministers PIT
Old bloke in New York, a nonentity NOBODY
Old man or woman, one living abroad EXPAT
Quietly relax about programme finally arranged for recording? PRESET
Random mud remains in unseasonably warm spell indian summer
Reminiscent of benefit swallowed up by accommodation charge REDOLENT
Representatives of folk making parts of wheels? spokespeople
Ribbed southern press chief after meal TEASED
Skill getting pitta due for distribution APTITUDE
Sly, trendy man with evidence of debts INSIDIOUS
That woman will fail at first: what a shock! BOMBSHELL
Trainee officer’s notice in church pamphlet, ultimately CADET
Walk unsteadily, initially tumbling over fish-eating mammal TOTTER