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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1261 January 8 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1261
Clues Answers
American newspaper: its key men row, unfortunately new york times
Arrive following published result OUTCOME
Bishop, perhaps, in newspaper article PIECE
Chinese food in new bags NOODLES
Everyone in extremely rowdy mass meeting RALLY
Fantasy: short play about end of universe DREAM
Fellow eating very soft fish GUPPY
Fictional detective overlooking right tree MAPLE
Fruit, old, turning bad OLIVE
In unbending section of racecourse home straight
Inuit’s initial despondency missing last house IGLOO
London borough keeps hosting Shakespeare play tower hamlets
Look round quiet church giving sermon SPEECH
Low wall: section breached by clumsy type PARAPET
Ordinary seaman can during fundraising event RATING
Rest unhappy supporting cock-and-bull story lie down
Silly way to split rent? Crazy HAYWIRE
Sturdy cattle, last in valley STOCKY
Tricky question taken from quite a series TEASER
Usurer in jam after retiring SHYLOCK
Very nervy description of Blondin’s tightrope? highly strung
What Macmillan had? Nasty ordeal with head of military EARLDOM
What may go round and round, and up and down? ROTOR
Who heading off after count makes sporting cry? tally-ho