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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1278 January 31 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1278
Clues Answers
Big Ben, possibly, a mistake CLANGER
Carried by shoppers, a carrier bag! SAC
Come along with fancy corset ESCORT
Cost, old penny, seen to change EXPENSE
Estate agent, possibly, a character! LETTER
Friend removes one from bucket PAL
Girl is in time DAISY
Housing payment in the future returned, including compensation finally RENTAL
Hurt isn’t terribly good STING
Instrument is tacky, darn it! FIDDLESTICKS
Japanese dish __ keep quiet about American one SUSHI
Legendary king real, surprisingly LEAR
Manage to flee RUN
Money coming in cheers monarchs TAKINGS
No judge has us over a barrel in the end REFUSAL
Nobleman put in correct lamp at the back rear light
Place left another year, initially LAY
Plain green, site for development SERENGETI
Poisonous element nicer, as improved ARSENIC
Racecourse calculator Aristotle designed! TOTALISER
Religious leader, a saint and a cult follower RASTA
Rise like money ASCENT
Top dog heard? PEAK
Very sad trying to maintain fashion heart-rending
Weak peers slow to reform POWERLESS
You and I back film WESTERN