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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1329 April 12 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1329
Clues Answers
A couple of bishops joining English priest in France ABBE
A head to give instruction? Not the head! EACH
Decent hotel on East Street HONEST
Democrat insisted on change __ not one to toe the party line DISSIDENT
Essence of report of army officer KERNEL
Finally arrived? Or not to be seen? NOWHERE
Good old weapons making oblique impacts GLANCES
Hairy man in the sauna ESAU
I’m turning up in something with feathers or fur ERMINE
In conversation he would briefly care HEED
Nominated member needing a short time to get into action DELEGATED
One group getting left in small place beset by water ISLET
Piece of meat, bit that’s eaten at home JOINT
Prisoner given shelter is happy CONTENT
Quiet friend, as a friend may be PALLY
Reply in respect of something wrong in law RETORT
Scottish hooligan grabbing a university chair? Makes you sick! NAUSEATED
See odd characters leaving Henley ELY
Servant without love __ one who likes to row? BOATMAN
Set of beliefs is followed by millions ISM
Son isn’t a good person SAINT
Theatre feeling bitter about performing again? re-presenting
This person may appear on stage if the screens need moving scene-shifter
Tortured genius had to be feeling pain ANGUISHED
Vessel to make discordant sound JAR
Witty person, one married to famous sportsman? WAG