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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1337 April 24 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1337
Clues Answers
Bell for dinner perhaps catches one leaving GOING
Bound to cut loose in the end LOPE
Eggs in a line picked up? ROE
Every so often, bear will cry loudly BAWL
Greek character is tense, failing to reach conclusion TAU
High point of a river: wow! APOGEE
In which to gauge the opinions of suckers? straw poll
Lecture from monarch in total disarray Talking-to
Material taken from novel vetoed VELVET
Organ is present for Cockney speaking EAR
Pipe crossing road by a green VERDANT
Ponder dismal moves to find paradise promised land
Preserve farewell musical setting CANTATA
Prevent gent leaving cleaning fluid DETER
Previously, and never to be repeated? ONCE
Proportion grasped by adroit artist, looking back RATIO
Put a different way, this order now transformed in other words
Queen entering London museum’s portico VERANDA
Sleepy and thirsty, suppressing pained cries DROWSY
Trouble removing edging from aperture, black PERTURB
Turned up after hours with others et al
Unfortunately, owe BBC for item of spin? COBWEB
Uniform worn by daughters is no good DUD
Utilise CV somehow to create Biblical work LEVITICUS
Where to place billiards cue, being alert? on the ball
Willow, abnormally large, that is overlooking river OSIER