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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1340 April 29 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1340
Clues Answers
An unmarried female, not suitable AMISS
Awfully petty war absorbs a lawman in American West wyatt earp
Charm, in French, church worker perhaps ENCHANT
Constructed raised bath to contain the Italian BUILT
Damage line, dropping latest oceanic fish MARLIN
Elderly person outside taken away from soldier OLDIE
European nursed indisposed customer possibly end-user
Extreme anger starts to worry receptionist at hospital WRATH
Financial supporter wearing singlet and gold INVESTOR
First-rate Republican to be broadcast AIR
Maybe town crier disturbed others around university SHOUTER
Modern fortification somewhere in Northeast England NEWCASTLE
Mostly respect a large naval commander ADMIRAL
Old playwright is visibly nervous with fruit knife, at the back SHAKESPEARE
Poor book promotion BAD
Queen, during duty, to perform physical activity EXERCISE
Reportedly cycled with Pam, going over navigational aid road map
Rosaceous shrub person from Dundee beheaded on holiday COTONEASTER
Sea duck behind heard at regular intervals EIDER
Shop distributed an element of beer HOPS
Some yobbos looted European capital OSLO
Strand of yarn spoiled red hat THREAD
Suspect ponders answer RESPOND
Trainee accountant Edward recalled CADET
Weapon found in British river __ good grief! dear me
Wily little long-nosed animal digging primarily SHREWD