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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1352 May 15 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1352
Clues Answers
As likely heir, perhaps, led set astray ELDEST
Captivated woman, married, going with our boss at The Times? ENAMOURED
Concerned with permit to collect vehicle being suitable RELEVANT
Cricket side the best ever? That’s public knowledge on record
Donor doesn’t ever, ice being broken RECEIVE
Expression of disapproval at uniform skirt TUTU
Fan is something you cast in river DEVOTEE
Feline, extra large, around New York, returning LYNX
Follows sailor, providing a bright night light DOGSTAR
Lay next to a character from Athens BETA
Many held briefly, improperly, in Wilts RAF base lyneham
Mostly opposing abortion, I note, having had many children? PROLIFIC
Move up, prior to creating miscellany POTPOURRI
Musical note no good __ alas for this? SONG
Not fleshy, object when having bottom pinched THIN
Part for ukelele an orchestra gives girl ELEANOR
Promoted in the end, you chattered idly UPRATED
Public transport: alternative to a submarine? double-decker
The issue of hoax comes to an end KIDDIES
Traditional performer: one pulling sledge after car? morris dancer
Uninspiring expert thus penning article PROSAIC
US detective and British ones upset king DICK
Venomous snake in scarlet made harsh sounds RASPED
What might grow in garden, or in cave, unusually VERONICA