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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1379 June 21 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1379
Clues Answers
County certain to welcome king over year SURREY
Daughter altering route for longer one? DETOUR
Do better than Spurs, say, almost unexpectedly SURPASS
Duke drops pipe DRAIN
Food item held by parvenu — trim entryist NUTRIMENT
Friend regularly embarrassed-looking? RED
He concedes fielder needs new start YIELDER
In all likelihood supporting Bishop in skilful way PROBABLY
It sweeps up? Right, in successful period BROOM
Like some food products in cargo, exotic ORGANIC
Mark film award, overlooking nothing SCAR
More sensible to include chapter referring to wine SANCERRE
One making regular payments, torn, I hesitate to say RENTER
Clues Answers
One moving fast from Dinant, eloper ANTELOPE
One raising glass — it’s for Browning? TOASTER
One scattering seeds ultimately manages to follow the supervisor SOWER
Parent, with child, is stone dresser MASON
Remain in street? Indeed STAY
Route to safety? Cook safe recipe fire escape
Seaman repeatedly seen as fearsome person TARTAR
Separately priced — a vehicle coming in behind time a la carte
Slander at first, most unfair detraction MUD
Small creature’s power spoken about MITE
Small fliers, greenest distributed, in outskirts of Boulogne brent geese
Top performer makes commitment to join group including Leo? star signs
Wintry weather in South at present time SNOW