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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1919 July 16 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1919
Clues Answers
Attitude rejected by a fabulous writer AESOP
Employ in quiet exhibition space MUSEUM
Engineer tangles up DIY tool staple gun
Exhausted after tango and twist TWEAK
Extremely rude chap, one with interim authority REGENT
Fake ring __ the ultimate in chicanery PHONEY
Fighting male is hard and fairly heated WARMISH
Freight company transporting a case of Riesling CARGO
Great sort of game MEGA
Her plans potentially change SHRAPNEL
I felt awful eating the last bit of your pudding TRIFLE
It’s burned in church __ not so effectively at first INCENSE
Massive re-launch organised around the end of June HERCULEAN
Meals out arranged for special friend SOULMATE
Noble individuals look mature PEERAGE
On reflection, books are a source of inspiration ERATO
Siemens’ misguided, long-standing rival NEMESIS
Small quarry devoured by outsize birds OSPREYS
Some baseball starts, featuring only the best players all-star
Sprinting, or moving with intensity RIPSNORTING
Swallow one strong drink MARTINI
Troop’s leader supports capturing a mountain range the alps
Type of chilli found in Mexican chorizo ANCHO
Utensil slicing primarily meat SPORK
Wander __ somewhere in Italy, you say? ROAM